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MiMA Electric Counter Balance forklifts exported to Brazil
Release date:2018-09-10

    Hefei Banyitong science& technology developing co., ltd made another foray into overseas markets with MiMA electric counter balance forklifts exported to Brazil in September 6th, 2018.


    Electric counter balance forklift  is a kind of forklift trucks widely used in industrial transportation.The loading, unloading, transporting and stacking of goods can be finished independently by the operator.The electric forklift is energy-saving and environment-friendly, flexible, applicable to a wide range of working conditions, greatly reducing labor cost and improving work efficiency.
Low Gravity Design
    It perfectly solves two big node problems in the process of safe and efficient use of the vehicle. The horizontal drive releases the battery sinking space, which makes the vehicle body lower in gravity and greatly enhances the customer's sense of security in the process of use.

Excellent Endurance
    High efficient spur gears of transverse drive model can play a higher level of energy efficiency,compared with the vertical drive, the energy loss is reduced by about 25%, which greatly improves the working time and meets the requirements of daily use.



AC Motor Drive
Reduce maintenance time and cost.AC motor not only has high operation efficiency, but also has long running life and energy saving, so that the forklift can keep running for a long time without reducing output.
Ramps Auxiliary Brake System
When the ramp starts, the system immediately applies a reverse force to the tire to stop the vehicle from moving back.

Comfortable Operation
When the mast is lowered to the bottom, the cushioning technology greatly reduces the mast impact and reduces cargo damage.Combined with the vehicle noise reduction technology, the operators work easily and comfortably;The ergonomic design of spacious legroom provides operator with a comfortable, safe and efficient operating environment.

Good Energy conservation
The application of technologies such as LED headlights/warning lights, low-resistance tires, automatic steering dormancy, and electric automatic temperature control system makes the vehicle capable of driving well.



    Hefei Banyitong science& technology developing co., ltd wins more and more customers' trust and favor at domestic and oversea market by virtue of its beautiful appearance design, fine manufacturing process, leading product technology, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service.



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