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Bangkok Tour----MiMA Thailand International Logistics Exhibition
Release date:2018-09-02

On August 29, 2018, the annual Thailand International Logistics Exhibition was held as scheduled at BITEC in Bangkok. This event invited new and old customers from Southeast Asia to participate.



    Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co., Ltd. brought the MiMA VNA 3-way forklift to the venue. We show VNA (narrow aisle) pallet stacker MC15-90, loading capacity 1500kg, lifting height 9000mm, doubled the storage capacity, and perfectly solved the high-racks stacking of narrow-aisle storage. problem. When VNA MC15-90 was launched, it was highly praised by new and old customers. The event brought together professionals from all walks of life in the Southeast Asian market. Through exchanges and learning, MiMA seamlessly connected with Thai agents, and various orders of intentions came.


MiMA 3-way forklift MC series debut:



    Through this successful exhibition, MiMA has once again enhanced its influence in the Southeast Asian market. In the next stage, MiMA will pay more attention to the deepening of overseas resources, and we look forward to deep cooperation with foreign colleagues!

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