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One-stop logistics solution services

To banyitong CO.,LTD which want to be bigger and stronger in the area of integrated logistics equipment, we provide a customized one-stop logistics solution service, and is not a simple product production.

To simplify to one-stop service, in fact, as long as customers demand, once in a service site to banyitong, all problems can be solved. We offer system sales and service, that is, around customer needs under ideal conditions of storage and handling purposes, to provide customers with a full range of design, from the warehouse layout design to products in place, from the pre-sale consultation and overall programme design, sales progress reports periodically return and timely after-sales service. To stand on the customer perspective understanding and analysis of industry supply chain characteristics, led to the development of professional solutions.

We service to every customer sincerely, and consider of various possibilities carefully, look forward to give you sound and trustworthy service .In order to ensure quality of service, we attach importance to every detail in the sales process, understand the impact of various factors .This approach, along with our knowledge and experience, making our services maintain a unique advantage .So we went much further than the other competitors, and do more.

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