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Electric Pallet Stacker

Electric Pallet Stacker. 1Speed Limited for high position, to aviod the possibility of products' overturning when high speed in high position;
2. Curve safe control, the forklift will reduce the speed automatic when turning,to aviod the ejection of operator and products from the vehicle by the high speed;
3. Safe cutoff valve, to protect the operator and goods in well condition;
4. Vertical Drive system, to save the energy and have long time working;
5. Durability: Reinforced frame and mast have long service life;
6. Ergonomics multi-functional operation handle;
7. Initiative shocking proof system to reduce the operator' fatigue


1.1Manufacture MiMAMiMAMiMAMiMA
1.2Model TB1530TB2030TB1545TB2045
1.3Power battery
1.4Operation Type standed
1.5Load CapacityQ(kg)1500200015002000
1.6Load CenterC(mm)500
1.7Wheel Basey(mm)1390
2.1Service weight(with battery)kg1270130014501550
2.2Axle loading, laden drive/loadkg1166/16041266/20341297/16531416/2082
2.3Axle loading, unladen drive/loadkg926/344947/3531057/3931079/401
3.1Tyre,operator/load side PU
3.2Tyre size,loadmmΦ80×70
3.3Tyre size,drivemmΦ230×75
3.4Auxiliary wheel sizemmΦ125×50
3.5Wheels number,load/drive(x=driven) 2/1x+2
3.6Tread, driveb10(mm)630
3.7Tread, loadb11(mm)490
4.1Overall heighth1(mm)20252121
4.2Free lift heighth2(mm)60
4.3Lift heighth3(mm)30004500
4.4Height-Mast extendedh4(mm)34905097
4.5Tiller Arm Heighth14(mm)1100/1390 1100/1390
4.6Fork height,loweredh13(mm)90
4.7Overall lengthl1(mm)2533/2071  2533/2071
4.8Overall widthb1/b2(mm)850   
4.9Fork dimensionsl/e/s(mm)1150/190/561150/190/56
4.10Fork spreadb5(mm)680
4.11.1Aisle width,1000X1200 pallet,crosswise,stand up/downAst(mm)2962/25162962/2516
4.11.2Aisle width,800X1200
pallet,lengthwise,stand up/down
4.12Turning radius,stand up/downWa(mm)2101/1655 2101/1655
5.1Travel speed,with/without loadkm/h5.0/6.0
5.2Lifting speed,with/without loadmm/s125/17565/10090/13085/130
5.3Lowering speed,with/without loadmm/s115/13595/10095/10095/100
5.4Max. climbing ability,with/without load%(tanθ )8/106/88/106/8
5.5Service brake Electromagnetic
6.1(S2-60min)Drive motor rating(S2-60 min)kw1.5
6.2(S3-15%)Lift motor rating(S3-15%)kw23
6.3Battery voltage/rated capacityV/Ah24/21024/280
6.4Battery weightkg200240
6.5Steering System EPS
6.6Battery replaces side pull
6.7Mast Type duplex masttriplex mast





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